Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

Hey guys! It's me again, TALIA, and here's another blog post for you to read. What we've been working on for the past weeks is Puppet Warping and Animations. We have just finished our final Animation which works with puppet warping as you probably know if you've read my previous blog post. I hope you enjoy this post and feel free to read any of my previous post about the projects I've worked on earlier in the year.

My teammates, Raiden and Leilia, have kind of opposite personalities. Raiden is the type of person to tell you his opinions and if you like them he likes you, but if you don't then don't even try talking to him nah jkjk. Raiden is bold and is very creative. He comes up with some of the greatest ideas you'll ever hear, he's great with animation, he gets very hyped like when people roast other people , and he can do all sorts of accents and in this case, he did a Bruce Buffer accent and was pretty good at that. Leilia my other teammate is kind of the opposite from Raiden she's a go with the flow type of person and she's ok with going along on some of our ideas. For example, the project we're working on right now Raiden proclaimed his idea of a dance battle and she and I just went with it. She also judges others which is why we chose her to be the bully, just kidding in real life she's super nice. We just used her to be mean in the animation because I wanted to be the winner haha *laughing emoji*. Raiden was the dance battle commentator because first of all he knows how to make a Bruce Buffer voice second he's very hype and in this he needed to be excited so that the viewers got a sense that he loves when people roast each other, as I said earlier.

In this animation we of course had to add some type of humor. What my team and I did was we had Raiden record his voice overs in a bruce buffer voice and if you don't know who that is then you can just click this LINK!! Anyways going back to humor. We also had Raiden use his voice as Leilia and my voice. In my opinion I think that was pretty funny and it will be for sure funny to you guys, hopefully. Our life lesson is to not BULLY because bullying is very bad and there needs to be a STOP to it. People judge each other all the time and that's what Leilia was doing to me in the video. She was judging me because I didn't look "tough" enough to dance against her, but I won in the end because little did she know I was a skilled performer. The main reason we made this was to get across the point that bullying is a terrible thing to do and it could end up hurting you instead of your target.

For this project Mr. Sanderl had us work with people that we had never worked before this school year. I had as you know Leilia and Raiden and they were both great people to work with. Raiden was great with helping out with ideas and actually animating some of the scenes he contributed a lot and so did Leilia. They were both very helpful to the team and I'm glad I got to work with them. The biggest challenge we probably faced was when we had to actually use the puppet warp tool. My team members and I could not get that thing to work the way we wanted. It was very hard for us to actually move our arms and get the body parts to move in the direction we wanted. I think we all did a great job on this project and the best moment we probably had was when we were editing the entire project and just all of the crazy ideas that we all came up with.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Character Development

Hey guys! It's me again and third quarter has just ended and it's the start of our final quarter. 4th quarter! The project we'll be working on for this part of the 4th quarter is puppet warping. What is puppet warping? you might ask . Well Puppet Warping is when you move certain points of an image by placing a mesh over the image when you use it in Photoshop and place pins over the parts you want to move. I hope you enjoy this blog post!!

In this project we have to make a pose associated to how we are like and our personality. Personally, I think that I am kind of perky, fun, and crazy. In this case I would probably pose with my hands in a weird position because I'm pretty weird. I'd also tilt my head or shake my head or something like that because I'M CRAZY!! Some imperfections I think I have are that I get kind of mad when things don't go the right way and I get frustrated if people aren't really following or doing the right things. For example, if I'm trying to teach someone something and they don't get it I try to understand , but it just gets really frustrating when they don't understand and I have to keep repeating myself. I feel like I should try and be more optimistic when in a frustrating situation. That's an imperfection I think I have.

The character that we create will definitely look weird because we are suppose to exaggerate and make the character traits of us look wacky. Some character traits I plan on exaggerating are my arms, legs, probably my head, and some certain parts of my face or my facial features because I just want my character to just go everywhere and look crazy! In order to do this I'll need to mess around with my different body parts and make them long, short, and curved, etc.

The process I had to use to actually create this .GIF animated character is going to be a challenge, but I know that I can accomplish it if I work super duper hard! If you want to learn what I did to finish this project keep reading. First of all, I had to take pictures I took 3, but you just need one I took 3 to give me an option on what I could use. I decide to use the one of me facing forward with my legs and arms spread apart so that I could make adjustments in Photoshop. After I took the pictures I had to cut them out in PhotoShop then I used my puppet warp tool and went to work. I added a background, drew some designs in my background, and saved it as a .GIF file. I really like my .GIF animated character because the way it moves really focuses on how I act and my personality sort of.

Monday, March 21, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Hey guys!! Its me again, Talia, and you know what that means it's another blog post and this one is about guess what.............Our Movie Trailer!!! Yes! we're doing movie trailers once again I know we did it last year, but our class really wanted to do it again and I'm excited to do it again as well. If you would like to see my fantastic acting and my teammates from last years movie trailer than just Click HERE. I hope you enjoy this blog post and I'd like to thank all of you people who take the time to view my blogs THANK YOU!! Enjoy!!

Our movie trailer is about a famous superstar named, Kimchee Kartrashian, and I am pretty sure you guys know where my team and I got this very special name from, but anyways it's about how Kimchee, a superstar, gets kidnapped by who she has know clue is and it's up to her goofy bodyguard, Kurly, to save her. In our movie trailer we had to first come up with a plan and in this plan it involved keywords, a purpose for the idea, plot, and people or characters it also had to have a script with multiple scenes. For our keywords in the plan we chose to use Adventurous, Funny, lighthearted, and Amusing pretty much because that's what we wanted the movie to be and have the characters do. Adventurous was one of our words because in the movie trailer Kurly has to go on a crazy adventure to find Kimchee and that connects with our audience because I'm pretty sure we've all lost something and had to find it. This is funny because come on Kurly going on an adventure is just hilarious everybody loves a funny person. Our trailer is also lighthearted and amusing because Kurly is very lighthearted and carefree. Finally, it's amusing because there are so many great moment sin this trailer and they can bring up some very fun and happy times.

Our reason for creating the idea of this trailer is to pretty much to just let everyone know that it doesn't matter who you are to know that you can do something and accomplishing it. In this trailer it shows that even a goofy body guard like Kurly can go on a super adventure to try and find someone important to her and she doesn't care if she's goofy or a little odd, but she still goes out of her way and tries to find Kimchee. We just wanted to let you guys know that what doesn't matter is who you are, but what does matter is your determination and effort to do something that counts.

During the entire process of creating this trailer we did unfortunately face a couple of disagreements with each other. I think that one of our biggest problems were scheduling and the quality of some shots that were taken in the shooting process of this trailer. Our scheduling was pretty bad. For example two of us would have sports, other events, or some type of after school thing to attend to so there would be only one person available to shoot and two people would be doing something else; and one person can't be doing all of the work EVERYBODY has to be contributing to the project. Our other problem was the fact that one of our members had a shot that was debatable on whether we should use or not. This shot would have been a very valuable shot that could've have made the scene very extreme which is what we were going for, but our team member didn't want to use it because she thought it looked kind of weird, but we thought it added a lot of interest in the scene; and after trying to talk her into letting us use the clip she still didn't want to use it and we respected her decision and tried to make it work and I think it worked out pretty well. We took a tough situation and turned it into something great.

(I don't have my behind the scenes because I couldn't get them from the server folder and I don't have the video up either because it's not in vimeo, but I will upload them soon!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Hey guys!! it's me again TALIA!! I'm back from my 3 day weekend and 3rd Mid Quarter just passed and I am PUMPED!!! I am very excited for our new project which you're probably wondering what it is and i'm about to tell you ready?'s PANORAMAS!!! If you're unsure of what a panorama is i'll tell you right now. A Panorama is an image created by taking multiple pictures and overlapping each picture from the previous photo taken to create a wide viewed image of an observers surrounding area.

Composite images, different pictures taken to create a more advanced image that's beyond the works of a camera. Composite images are in my opinion very interesting they take multiple images to give you a great depth of feeling for the image so that you can look at it and just be wowed . The point of composite images is to give you a better understanding of the situation and setting so you can comprehend better what is happening it gives the viewer a way nicer image with multiple layers of astonishment. One picture is great, but can be a little boring, but multiple pictures are better because they add more depth and make the visuals stand out more. When I take one picture I try to make it look really interesting by getting different angles and finding different object that will make the shot stand out, but I think that with composite images I can just take a couple pictures of something and it will make the shot look a whole lot better.
In this project we're working with both spherical and polar panoramas. Polar panoramas are
when you take a panoramic photo and use the polar coordinates filter in photoshop after you turn the image 180 degrees to create a circular image that gives the appearance of a panorama wrapped around a planet. A spherical Panorama is when you take a panoramic image and instead of turning the image 180 degrees you go straight into the filter, polar coordinates, and you get the appearance of the sky being turned into like a sphere or circular shape. the difference between them is that both of their finished products are the opposite of each other. In the polar pano the land is turned into a circle shape while in the spherical pano the sky is turned into the circular shape.

The tiny worlds that we have been working on are suppose to be convincing, but also pop out. In order for that to happen what I had to do is use my editing skills and make my portraits stand out by making them big, bold, and bright. Making it big wasn't really a challenge for me I increased the size of my portrait because it was really small when I imported it into my finished images and increasing the size just made it look like I was actually on top of the world. I made it bold by adding the shadow just like how everybody else did as well, but I also edited my portrait in Adobe to make my body and face really pop. Finally, I made it bright by making the saturation in all of my images really bright.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

Hey guys it's me again and you know what this is, another blog post and if you're viewing this thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog and while you're here make sure to scroll beneath this post to all of my other post and check those out too. I hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned to next weeks post, Thank You! Now a little update of what we'll be doing in GT. Right now the GT students at KMS are working on Photomontages. If you don't know what photomontages are here's a  brief explanation. Photomontages are when you take several different photos and arrange them to create a new picture or abstract art.

David Hockney is the perfect example of someone who knows how to capture art when working with photomontages. David Hockney is an influential pop artist known for creating photomontages. He has created some very excellent photomontages and I as well have some photomontages that i've created, but between the two of us ours aren't exactly the same. First of all, we both have different meanings behind the photomontage and purpose we have when actually going out and taking the pictures. Basically the first way we're different is by the meaning and thought we have when we create the entire photomontage and the process that we do it in. Another way we're different is how we arrange the images and what we prefer for our montages to look like.

There are different meanings behind every single photo that is taken in the world wether it's intended or not there is no picture that doesn't have a meaning. Those meanings can send either a positive or negative message to the viewer based on how they look at it. They can look at the things around the image to get a sense of what the image is trying to show and the color of it too. For example, if I were to look at a picture of a sun in the sky I would probably look at the color of the sky and other things that are in the picture to see what the feel of the picture is. If the sky is like blue than I would probably think of how nice it looks, but somebody else could think that it's a negative sign and how when you look at the sun it hurts your eyes. Sometimes when you look at a picture and think it's either positive or negative just remember somebody else could think the total opposite of what you think the picture means.

For my final photomontage I want people to really look at it and get the sense of my athletic side and see what I want to keep doing further in life; I enjoy being athletic especially when I'm playing soccer. Soccer is the main focus for this photomontage because I'm really looking forward to seeing how I will progress from my soccer process and my achievements with the sport. I have a very strong feeling for the sport mainly because I've been playing it almost my whole life and its just grown on me and I just really enjoy playing it. I hope to keep doing the sport when I get older and maybe even make it a profession of mine. In my photomontage the soccer shoes are representing my association with soccer and the road is symbolizing the long journey ahead I have with the sport. I hope that when people view and look over my photomontage they'll see my feelings for soccer and that i want to continue with soccer and can't wait for the journey ahead.

Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Aspirations


Hey guys it's me again your girl Talia and this blog post is about my 2016 aspirations as you can see in the title above. Well I hope you like this post and please comment if you have anything to say or think I should improve on my writing or just anything thanks for your time and thanks for viewing this. I have a lot of aspirations I would love to accomplish this year in 2016. First of all, I would really like to get a 4.0 on my final grade for my 8th grade year; that would be amazeballzz:)) I also want to try and accomplish all of my sports activities before going to high school and even when I get to high school I want to do some sports there too when I'm a freshman which is in the year 2016. Another thing I'd like to accomplish is showing my best and highest quality of work throughout my  entire school year. Also, I'd like to enter high school with a fresh mind and body so I can import all of the new knowledge I'll be learning which I am extremely excited for and entering high school as a freshman so that'll be exciting. Also,  to learn a new language. Finally, this isn't really a school aspiration, but it's my health and life aspiration and it's to eat healthier, exercise more, and wake up earlier on both school days and weekdays just because I think I'm going to get a healthier mind by keeping myself in shape and fit. Those are just 5  aspirations I would love to accomplish this year in 2016 and it's only January so thankfully I have a lot of time:))


Out of all of these 2016 goals I think the most important one to me would probably be to keep my body and my mind healthy just because with a strong and healthy mind and body you have a clear idea of what you want in life and you're able to achieve it. Without a fit mind you practically can't do anything because your mind is off track and sluggish which is not the key to being able to focus and create a high quality of work. With high work you feel better about yourself because you put in the best work you could and it just looks professional.With an active mind you get an active body which I would love to have by the end of the year and I'm pretty much almost there because I believe i've got a pretty healthy mind I would suggest to just go to bed earlier so that my mind is fresh in the morning and I have gotten the necessary amount of seep that I should have every night. I wish to stick to my plan and accomplish it by the end of this year of 2016!
To be successful this year I will need to work on a lot of things and by a lot I mean a lot of things! First of all, what I'll mainly have to do to be successful is think successful. By thinking successful my mind will start to go on the right track and I'll already be part way there to the successful station. To think successful you need to think of what your best work will look like and work, work, work! And that's just what I'm going to have to do this year to be successful. I'll also probably have to keep a positive attitude towards anything and everything and extinguish all of the negativity because if I'm just negative all of the time my mind will be stuck and gloomy which isn't what I want it to be at all, I want it to be bright and happy. When it's happy it'll be able to think because that's how my mind works. In order to be successful I have to be happy and positive and if my mind isn't working than I'm basically not functioning in an excellent way. Finally, I'll have to stay focused and be determined to accomplish what I set my mind to. Which is going to be a real hard goal because I procrastinate quite a bit, but I know that i'll be able to stay focused and work hard to finish and reach my goal.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Scratch Game Design

Freedom Game

Platform Game

Chase Game

Hey guys!! so I just created my game and if you want to play it it's right above this passage and be sure to leave a comment telling me what you thought of my chase game, Enjoy! Lets talk about my user experience and how it influenced my game. So, I thought that as the gamer plays my game it would be nice to throw in some vibrant and unique characters as well as a odd background to go with the unusual sprites. I think the smoothness of how the dinosaur moves is pretty well and I added the arrows to move it because almost everyone knows where they're located and they are very easy to use. the cake tries to catch the dinosaur and moves very nicely. The four watermelons are placed in a straight plain line almost as if they were set up as a finish line. I've played a lot games with bright vibrant colors so I just thought they would be a great addition.

Anyway, in my first game that I created, (my chase game) our task was to make a game where something was chasing another thing. I wanted my game to pop out so I chose some sprites that I though would be pretty unique together! I had the donut as the chaser and the player was the dinosaur. The object of the game was to collect all 5 watermelons and avoid the donut until the timer got to 0. We were told to make a chase game with a scoreboard and I am pretty proud for accomplishing that on my first chase game. In my second game (my platform game) we had to design a game where we had to jump onto platform thingies until you get to the top or something similar to that where there was a goal when you got to the end or top. For this game our requirements was to have 2 levels, and design our own platform game with a countdown timer. I had this in my game! Both of my games had timers, donuts, and goal they had to reach. But only one of them has a scoreboard.

During this project I think that I've come face to face or should I say face to screen with some difficult bugs that occurred in my games especially since most of the time I was asking questions, but didn't really get an answer. Anyways, some bug fixes that appeared while I was coding was most of the time the sprite/ character wasn't moving the way it's supposed to move. For example, in my platform game if you just continuously press the up arrow the donut, my sprite, won't come down it'll just keep going up and up and up. According to Mr. Sanderl I need to add an and block to make sure that the sprite will come down when I press the up arrow. While on the other hand of my bugs I think my best code would have to be the smoothness of the way my characters move like when you press the up, down, left, or right arrow the sprite moves very smoothly and effectively, but yeah i think that's probably my best coding.